Great Hearts

Log(n) built an automated, scalable, cloud-based Custom Enrollment System that simplifies the challenging and time-consuming school admissions process for parents and schools.

What is it, and what does it do?

System to take GH’s admissions process to the cloud. Lets parents submit multiple applications and check the status of those applications. Lets GH staff process and track students through whole application process – from submission to registration. System also runs a lottery and generates waitlists according to complex criteria set by GH and AZ state. Main selling point is that the system provides more analytics and insight to help GH plan for growth in the future.

What did you use for the build, and what is unique about it?

Great Hearts wanted a modular app that could meet the needs of their various teams. Using Backbone met this requirement and made the backend more flexible for reuse and expansion as we can divide the different modules into separate backbone apps interconnected by the API.