The Origin of SchoolMint


In 2013, Forum and Jinal (founders of SchoolMint) set out to enroll their daughter in pre-school. It was a frustrating process that involved filling out tons of forms, the occasional need for whiteout, and lots of standing in line, or on the phone, and waiting. As co-founders of Log(n), a design and engineering firm that specializes in education technology, they had built several custom admissions and enrollment systems for districts throughout the country, but it wasn’t until this moment that they realized that all schools, and families, can benefit from a streamlined and modernized admissions process. Shortly afterwards, SchoolMint was founded.

Today, SchoolMint is a division of Log(n), a San Francisco-based firm that specializes in designing and developing education technology products for companies like Pearson, Edmodo, Kidaptive, Remind101, Pencil, and others. You can learn more about Log(n)’s education technology work here.