Our Services

Design and Engineering is at the heart of Log(n).
Our service is defined by our deep expertise and our focus on finding the most innovative and efficient solutions.


  • Web From simple websites that share your brand with the world to complex web applications that deliver a customized experience to your users, we help you put the power of the web to work.
  • Mobile We don’t believe in chasing down the latest trends, but we do believe that mobile can have a significant impact on the way companies and organizations work-externally and internally.

    To help you fully realize the potential of mobile, we consider your business goals, your users, and the landscape of ever-changing mobile technology and trends to find the balance.
  • Scalability & Cloud We assume your product will be a success, which is why we build with scalability in mind. We're experts in building cloud-based infrastructure across a range of technologies to suit your business needs and budget.

    And in keeping with our commitment to your success, we help you identify the challenges and security risks that the cloud can bring and find the most secure solution for you and your users.


  • Interaction Design IxD is what takes a product from good to great by adding in an element of desire. When IxD is done right, a product just feels good-you want to use it.

    We work to identify your business goals and then build to cut through the noise and bring your users an experience that’s so elegant it’s imperceptible.
  • User Testing We take the extra steps to validate design solutions. From a quantitative standpoint ensuring if a design meets both user and business goals. And from a qualitative standpoint in gathering reactionary feedback of the delightfulness of users.

    User testing is the technique in which we meticulously leverage to measure the success of a design and it's effectiveness in real life scenarios.
  • Visual Design We like to think of visual design as a journey. It starts with an assessment of the road ahead, moves into exploration, and ends with a memory.

    At every step of the way we seek to make that journey as memorable as possible, which is why our design focuses not just on beauty, but on clearly and artfully communicating your brand’s identity-creating a powerful and lasting effect.