• Jinal Jhaveri Founder & CEO
  • Forum Desai Founder & COO
  • Diane Tiu Office Support Manager
  • Diego Gamboa Lead Software Engineer/Architect
  • Hannah Jones HR Manager
  • Fabian Chacon Tech Lead / Sr. Software Engineer
  • Carlos Soto Director of Client Relations
  • Carlos Artavia Sr. Software Engineer
  • Alvaro Mantilla Lead Systems Engineer
  • Javier Jara Sr. iOS Developer
  • Pablo Montano Sr. Software Engineer
  • Christian Carrillo Sr. Software Engineer
  • Eduny Abarca Sr. Software Engineer
  • Marcos Aruj Sr. Software Engineer
  • Daniel Fernández Sr. Software Engineer/ FE Architect
  • Diego Corrales Software Engineer
  • Javier Garcia Sr. QA Engineer
  • Walter Ching Software Engineer
  • Pilar Del Valle Office Manager
  • Gabriel Herrera Lead Android Developer

Meet our team

We believe in providing you with the very best our firm has to offer.
To do this, our approach is defined by a few core beliefs.

  • Put the Client First
    We're only successful if our clients are, which is why their goals and needs are our first priority.
  • Get Things Done
    Deadlines are only useful if you stick to them. From day one to launch day, we work hard so that clients can keep working.
  • Deliver the Best, Cost-Effectively
    We spend our clients' money as if it's our own, which means not only being efficient but being thoughtful
  • Optimize for Innovation
    Innovation often strikes beyond 9-5. We focus on collaborative and iterative thinking to find the best solution—not just the first solution

Who we work with

We're only successful if our clients are.
Learn more about who we work with.