Viralheat Launches the Best New App for Social Media

While traveling last week, I sat next to a woman who had spent the night sleeping in the Vegas airport, courtesy of her airline. Needless to say, she had many choice words to say about the airline and its customer service. Twenty years ago, her complaints would have stopped at the ears of her family, friends, and a few passersby. Today, through Facebook and Twitter, her experience and voice can be heard around the world in minutes, and its message can hurt a brand for much longer.

Enter the Viralheat iPhone app.

Designed and built by Log(n), the app allows companies to gauge what their customers are saying and respond anytime, anywhere. An extension of Viralheat’s popular desktop app,  the iPhone app has the all-star features that have allowed Viralheat to become the chosen solution for more than 25,000 brand and community managers—prompting Forbes to call it the best new app for social media.

Don’t believe the hype? Try it out for yourself! The Viralheat iPhone app is available now on the App Store.