Dance, Dance, Dance: MOX Taps Into EDM Fanbase with 24/7 Mobile Feed

Online video consumption patterns are shifting from searching and viewing short three-four minute clips to a longer, effortless, and immersive experience offered by TV.  As Josh Constine of TechCrunch writes, “[a] lean-back, TV-like experience on the Internet is the future of television.”

Enter MOX.

MOX features a TV-calibre 24/7 curated video stream and a deep archive of content for users to discover and share EDM or electronic dance music. MOX brings the latest dance music videos, news, interviews, festival coverage, concerts, studio sessions, and original episodic programming to fans on any connected device. The ability to enjoy a lean-back experience coupled with the flexibility to discover content that fits your mood gives MOX an edge over radio and on-demand streaming.

Log(n) worked closely with the MOX team to create their mobile web interface using some of the latest web technologies. Launched just last week, MOX is currently in beta and is already receiving stellar reviews, like this one from TechCrunch. We’re certain there will be more good things in weeks ahead.

To see MOX in action, go to from any mobile device.